Community Bonfire Night | Display to be provide by Chorlton Fireworks – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Community Bonfire Night | Display to be provide by Chorlton Fireworks

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We’re pleased to announce that our Community Bonfire Night on Sunday 3 November will see the club team up with Chorlton Fireworks, who will be both sponsoring the event and be providing and operating the fireworks display that will act as the focal point of the evening.

Somewhat of a local landmark, Chorlton Fireworks shop sits at 350 Barlow Moor Road (you can find directions to it by clicking here), they were previously heavily involved with the Chorlton Green fireworks display up until its final display in 2016, and they were also responsible for a firework extravaganza at Brookburn Road the following year in 2017. They return this year to add an extra sparkle to our event, ensuring that the entire evening goes with a bang.

Priding themselves on providing Quality Fireworks from Professionals, their website ( offers click and collect options for your own displays, or you can visit them in person Monday to Sunday, 11.30am until 5pm, where their expert staff can discuss what can best fit your budget and needs. We’re proud to have them involved, and we’re excited for you to see the wooshes, and bangs that they’ve got in store for us all.

Finally, we’re down to the last 10% of tickets available: we are at a strict capacity this year, and anyone who does not have a ticket in advance will, unfortunately, be unable to get in. As things stand, there will be no tickets available on the day, and this will be an all ticket event. If you are planning on coming, this is your final chance – grab yours tickets now from