Interview: Jasmine Jones, ahead of her exhibition vs Stone Old Alleynians

Interview: Jasmine Jones, ahead of her exhibition vs Stone Old Alleynians

Interview: Jasmine Jones, ahead of her exhibition vs Stone Old Alleynians

Interview: Jasmine Jones, ahead of her exhibition vs Stone Old Alleynians

Manchester City 2 - 0 Cardiff City - Jasmine Jones, part of Do You Even Know The Offside Rule?

As well as Stone Old Alleynians this Saturday, we'll also be welcoming an exhibition to Brookburn Road, with Jasmine Jones' Do You Even Know The Offside Rule? being shown in our clubhouse as part of Chorlton Arts festival. Featuring work in a variety of different mediums, you can find out more about the exhibition here - but we also managed to speak to the artist ahead of the show: read her interview below.

Could you give an introduction to your work, and more specifically, the exhibition itself?

Generally, my whole practice revolves around challenging traditional ways of documenting movement. This exhibition includes drawings which are made using a process that I have been developing since graduating in 2018. Football became a focal point for my work after writing part of my dissertation on the experience of going to watch a football match live, as opposed to watching it on television or on a laptop. 

Several West fans went up to see the show at CASS in the Northern Quarter, how did that go? And how do you think having it on at Brookburn Road will differ?

The show at CASS was a really positive experience overall, I had some fab pals to help me out. I am super excited to be exhibiting at Brookburn Road. It just makes sense! I think contextually bringing the work out of an off-white cube gallery space and into a space that has a history with the subject matter is such a great opportunity for the work to be seen in a different light. 

Your art explores what it is like to experience football as a female supporter: what was it that drew you to that subject?

From my past experiences of going to watch football at the pub or talking about a game, it has more times than not involved me being asked “Do you even know the offside rule?” (Apart from when I come to West games, of course!) It’s this attitude that made me want to put on the show. The success of the women’s World Cup has been really inspiring to me and why does it matter if I know all of the rules? I should be allowed to enjoy watching it just as much as anyone else!

Have you got anything else coming up, or what are you planning on working on next?

At the moment, I’m working on a new body of work which includes some sound art - a new venture for me so we shall see how it pans out. 

Lastly - having been down to West before last season, what are you memories of the club?

As I briefly mentioned before, coming to West games was such a lovely experience for me when I lived in Manchester. There was zero prejudices towards anyone. It’s such an inclusive and welcoming environment to be in. One of my favourite memories of West was the Non League Dogs game back in March - there was one pooch in particular, named Gracie, who I really identified with. 

We’ll see you Saturday, cheers Jasmine!

Can’t wait!

Do You Even Know The Offside Rule? will be on show in the clubhouse over the course of the game against Stone Old Alleynians, and is also due to be on show for the follow weekend's West Women game. You can see more of Jasmine's work on Cargo Collective here.