Jasmine Jones – Do You Even Know The Offside Rule?, Saturday 21st September (vs Stone Old Alleynians), part of Chorlton Arts Festival

Manchester City 2 – 0 Cardiff City – Jasmine Jones, part of Do You Even Know The Offside Rule?

For our first Saturday home game of the season (Saturday 21st September, vs Stone Old Alleynians), we’re pleased to be teaming up with Chorlton Arts Festival to bring an exciting and relevant exhibition to Brookburn Road which will be on show over the course of the game. Bath based Jasmine Jones is a Manchester School of Art graduate who attended West games during her time in the city, and will be returning in order to exhibit her show, Do You Even Know The Offside Rule?.  A collection of works that explore ideas of movement, but also document and examine what it means to enjoy football as a woman, we’re honoured that Jones has allowed us to bring her art to West.

The exhibition was originally shown at CASS Arts in the Northern Quarter last month, and follows previous work that has been included in Fringe Arts Bath festival, Sounds From the Other City festival (Salford), and Bury Art Museum, while Jones has also had her art exhibited at The Holden Gallery (Manchester), The Old Truman Brewery (London), Centerspace Gallery (Bristol), and H.O.M.E (Manchester).

West committee member Matthew Durrant said: “I attended Jasmine’s exhibition at CASS and was blown away by the quality of the work, and the attention it pays to aspects of the game that I would’ve otherwise overlooked. When it comes to football, people – myself included – can be so blinkered as to how they view the game. Jasmine’s take on how the sport can be experienced is refreshing, and has certainly informed my viewing of it since I attended the show. I’m excited to be part of a club that allows such a brilliant young artist to exhibit her work, and really happy to be able to work on bringing this for West fans to see. Collaborating with Chorlton Arts festival has also been a long-held desire, and hopefully, that will allow us to deepen our connection with the local community too”

Chorlton Arts Festival takes place from 20-28th September and is being run by Chorlton Voice. Aiming to reconnect the festival with the people of Chorlton, this is the first time it will be run in it’s re-booted guise – you can see the full programme here.  Their aims are stated below:

We believe that everyone should be accepted as an artist irrespective of their capabilities. We want to help schools, performers, artists, art groups, poets, writers, playwrights, musicians, (bands, individual performers or singers) dancers and any other type of artist from Chorlton, to share their work, for the benefit of the community .

Do You Even Know The Offside Rule will run from 2pm – 7pm on Saturday 21st September, with payment on the gate needed to see the work before 5pm. The final 2 hours of the show will be free entry (i.e. once the game has finished), and all work will be exhibited in the clubhouse. We’ll be previewing the work more closely next week, in the lead up to the game itself.

Tips on Trips – Jasmine Jones, part of Do You Even Know The Offside Rule?

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