Wildcats 18th October – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Wildcats 18th October

Today we had 10 super enthusiastic young ladies come down to Hardy Farm, including some new faces!

The session today was all about different types of movements that we might use during a game, and some warm up moves.

We began with some ice breaker games to continue building a bond between the girls and allowing them to get to know each other more.

We moved on to playing some quick moving games without a ball, these were made fun by using animals as our inspiration for our movements such as sprinting like a cheetah and side stepping like a crab.

The girls then broke off into pairs or trios and tried to come up with their own types of movement, either with or without a ball, and taught each other, then came back to the group and showed everyone else their new skills, the girls came up with some fascinating movements, such as scurrying like a critter and stomping like an elephant.

We finished the session off together as a large group and showed off our animal movements with a ball, learning about what part of our foot to use when doing different skills and moving at different speeds as they were suddenly put under a bit of pressure by a shark trying to steal their ball!

We are already seeing the girls thinking about how their bodies are working and they’re building new friendships through a fun, energetic activity, perfect Sunday morning!