West and Maine Road to play for the Rob Turley Memorial Trophy – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

West and Maine Road to play for the Rob Turley Memorial Trophy

West are proud to announce that tomorrow’s game against Maine Road will be played for the Rob Turley Memorial Trophy – the first of what will be an annual competition in Rob’s memory, either in ur home league match or as a friendly fixture. Below is a statement from chairman Glyn Meacher, due to run in tomorrow’s programme:

Rob Turley, who passed away in 2016 was associated with West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC for over 40 years, joining the club in 1973 and making his name in the Lancashire and Cheshire League as a prolific centre forward scoring well over 400 goals. He was a tenacious, competitive and skilful player, with an inability to pick a pass to team mates, when there was any chance of him having an effort on goal!!.
From day one at the club, Rob was a committed member of the Clubs Committee and at one time or another acted as Club Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. He was also offered the honour of being President of the Lancs and Cheshire League, our league home for 80 plus years, until we joined the Manchester League.
Off the field, Rob’s vision and skills in development, planning and fundraising are the primary, if not the sole, reason why the club today plays in the NWCFL and enjoys the facilities that it has.  His acquiring of the land at Hardy Farm and his commitment to ensure it’s use would be for social and community purposes has provided the basis for the clubs successful merger with Oswald Road and our now having a thriving junior section to the club.
Looking back at the time we spent in the Manchester League, and our planning to join the Counties, it would be fair to say, that no-one, not even Rob, could have envisaged the journey that we would go on, and the buy in that the local community has made to the club, over the last few years.
Many people have contributed to this success and growth; but none of it would have been possible without Rob’s dedication to our club, providing a legacy of fantastic facilities to be further developed and a club philosophy, based on doing the right things at all time.
It is because of this, that the club is delighted that Rob’s family have supported our wish to play an annual match in his honour, for the Rob Turley memorial trophy, against our friends from down the road, Maine Road.
Rob was a committed and very active Christian, believing that work and faith go hand in hand and that there should be no sacred/secular divide. In agreement with Robs wife Isobel Turley and family and the club, The Gideons will be giving out New Testaments at the end of todays game from next to the pay box and if you would like one please take one from their table.
Glyn Meacher
Chairman – West Didsbury and Chorlton FC