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Shed End: Send us your stickers

Over the course of the past few seasons, the Shed End has gone from being a largely deserted stand where away fans would pitch up when their team were shooting that end, into being the main hub of support for West fans – especially when the beer hut is open during the first half. As well as the flags that decorate it during home league games, the Shed End has another notable feature: the sticker wall. Adorned with all manner of imagery from both West support, travelling fans, groundhoppers, and every other shade of attendee to Brookburn Road, it has become somewhat Insta-famous, with first-timers often having their picture taken in front of it in the hope of getting a few likes. Other people say it looks like a teenager’s bedroom wall, a point of view it is also difficult to argue with.

As the club has grown, we’ve seen an increase in supporters following us from afar – and we’re often asked two things:

  1. How can I get my stickers up on the wall?
  2. Where can I get some of the West stickers from?

With the sticker wall looking a little worn after another long season, we’re answering both those questions by putting out an open call for West fans far and wide to send in their stickers to put up in the shed end. Drop us an email at to find out where to send them to, and we’ll organise sending over a little selection of classic West stickers, printed by members of our supporters’ club. They’ll all be put up by the start of the season, and we’ll be sure to showcase the best through Insta.