Programme Notes | Posi Osbourne speaks to Squires Gate – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Programme Notes | Posi Osbourne speaks to Squires Gate

For each home game, Squires Gate ask an opposition supporter several questions about the club – and they’ve graciously allowed us to repost the answers given to them for Saturday’s game. The interviewee was Twitter’s @graythesaddler, also known as @Posi_Osbourne on Instagram. The self-professed Krombacher Ultra walks us through his first West memories, ultimate away day, and dream 5-a-side team. We’d also like to thank him for allowing us the chance to repost these responses and congratulate him on correctly predicting the final result.

You can read the full programme here.

Do you remember your first game? What was it that made you want to keep going back as a fan?

I was a Walsall season ticket holder for quite a few years and have travelled to most of the 92 football league clubs following them but after I moved to Manchester, I became a bit disconnected with the club and frustrated by the money involved and the treatment of fans in higher-level football and started looking for something else. I still go to watch Walsall but I’m definitely a Krombacher Ultra now. My first West game was in 2015 against Atherton Collieries.  Ash Woods gave West the lead late in the game but we somehow still managed to lose with the last kick of the game. Classic West.

What was it that made you want to keep going back as a fan?

The work that the club have done over the past few years to make supporters feel valued has been superb and it’s a key reason why I was hooked pretty quickly. There’s been so many people involved in this but in particular, Rob McKay and Matt Durrant have grown the club so much and have made me want to become more involved. It’s a commonly used phrase but West really are a “community club”. As a supporter, I really feel like my support can make a difference. I’ve made so many friends from going down to Brookburn Road and there’s no place I’d rather be on a sunny Saturday.

If you were to pick one club to play in a pre season friendly, who would you pick and why?

Ok, so I’ve been inspired by Atherton Collieries playing Al-Ittihad in pre-season and Accrington Stanley playing Marseille and I’m going to dream big… I want to see West playing away at Real Betis. I’m picturing the fans spending the afternoon in the sun watching Club Secretary Rob Madden wowing tourists with his magic tricks and pitch-side announcer Barca Jim providing some poolside comedy. After that, Dutch Uncles can play a few tunes and we’ll all go off into the sunset to watch West get battered in the Benito Villamarín Stadium. If that can’t happen, we can just play our local rivals Maine Road at home again as that’s always a laugh.

What would you say your expectations are for the upcoming season after being relegated last year?

It feels strange to most West fans this season, but expectations are pretty high. We have a new manager in Brad Cooke who is being supported by Rob Sadler and Warren Jones and together they’ve quickly impressed West supporters. We’ve quickly assembled a squad with players who seem to have the hunger to create something successful over the next couple of years. A few players have taken a step down to join the club and things have looked good over the first couple of games this season. While most fans wouldn’t like to say it out loud, I think many of us would be disappointed if we’re not competing for one of the four promotion spots this season.

Which 3 players do you feel will be ones to watch for gates defence and why?

Our new captain Kris Holt arrived over the summer from Runcorn Linnets in the evo-stik. They were disappointed to lose him and it’s easy to see why. He’s looked a quality box to box midfielder so far.

Also in midfield we’ve got Matty Boland who joined from Irlam. He’s a creative midfielder who is handy on set-pieces.

James Cottee is a striker to keep an eye on. He’s started the season really strongly and we’re hoping that is going to continue.

What has been your most memorable game watching West Didsbury?

In 2017 we reached the semi-finals of the Manchester Premier Cup. We were drawn against FC United and took a good following to the game. We sang our hearts out and when we equalised to make it 1-1 the scenes were unbelievable. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the final score was… but that Matty Kay equaliser will live long in the memory.

You are the manager of a 5 a side team; you need to pick 2 West Didsbury players and 3 PL players. Who makes your team?

I’m going to put De Gea in goal for his shot-stopping even though I don’t think he’d have much to save with this team. In front of him I’m choosing the West duo of Josh Tinker and Lee Gavin. Lee Gavin for his work-rate and Josh Tinker for his rabona. Up front I’ll have Salah and Kane. Me and Steve Settle will be joint player managers.

The NWCFL is always a tough league, but in your opinion who is the toughest team to play against?

It feels like West have had a lot of tough opponents over the past couple of years but I always feel like Irlam are one of the toughest. They always seem up for the challenge and I’ve seen us get bullied by them a few times.

What is your favourite all time football goal?

Picture the scene, a ten-year-old boy’s feelings for football are transforming from ‘slight interest’ to ‘full-blown obsession’ during Euro 96. When Gazza scored against Scotland, I’d never seen anything like it; the skill, the passion in the celebration. I was totally in love with the sport. I was young and unprepared for the heartbreak football would give me in the weeks, months and years to come. I’ve got the famous dentist chair celebration tattooed on my arm to remind me of falling in love with football for the first time. What a goal. What a player. What a sport. For West, I’ll choose the Matty Kay goal against FC United, not for the beauty of the goal but for what it meant for the fans at that moment. It was a glimpse into what West’s exciting future could look like. Also, youtube Roger Boli’s bicycle kick goal for Walsall if you get the chance, you won’t regret it.

Prediction for today’s game?

I think it’s going to be a good game. We know Squires Gate are a step up and it’s going to be a tough challenge to raise our game to that level but we’ve started the season well so while I still have rare West optimism, I’ll go for West to win 1-2.