Non League Dog Day: everything you need to know – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Non League Dog Day: everything you need to know

League action returns to Brookburn Road for the third time in a week as we welcome Squires Gate to Chorlton this afternoon in what is sure to be a fiercely contested tie. Away from the pitch, however, we’ll be welcoming a variety of new faces to the Recreation Ground as we celebrate Non League Dog Day. Whether your pup is a regular at West games, or this is their first ever football game, we’d like to extend a warm welcome. Here’s what you can expect throughout the day.

First of all, we’ll be welcoming Sky Sports News and presenter Alan Myers as they cover the fixture as part of their Non League Day coverage. This shouldn’t impact on your day so much, but we thought it worth mentioning in case there are any camera-shy canines planning on being in attendance.

As previously mentioned, anyone bringing a dog will be eligible for concessionary entry on the gate – meaning you’ll pay £3 instead of the usual £5. In addition, we’ll also be providing dog treats for all dogs: these will be available to pick up on your way into the ground, also. In terms of necessities, we’ll have some waste bags in case your dog decides to do their business during the course of the game, and there will also be drinking water available in bowls outside the clubhouse.

We do ask that all dogs are kept on leads while in the ground – this is as much a league requirement as a matter of the safety of your dog. We also want to avoid a repeat of a previous fixture against Squires Gate, where a loose pup caused the game to be delayed by 10 minutes as they used the pitch as their own running track. Dogs are allowed in the clubhouse, but we would advise that this is likely to be very busy during the course of the game – so if your dog isn’t good in crowded rooms, or if they struggle being in close proximity to other dogs, it may be advisable to leave them outside: there are railings to which they can be tied, or a friendly local will be more than happy to hold them for a few moments.

For humans who are making their first trip to Brookburn Road, here’s a quick check list of what you need to know: Yes there is food available at the game, with pies, hot dogs and snacks sold in the clubhouse, Yes we do sell alcohol in the clubhouse (£3 lager & cider, £3.50 guest/craft ales) which, Yes you can drink pitchside, as long as it is in a plastic cup (we provide those, don’t worry). We also accept both cash and card payments, although cash is preferred as we only have one card machine – minimum payment on that is £5.

If you’ve any other questions, get in touch with us on Twitter and we’ll do our best to respond: if you’re already at the game and need a query answered, any volunteer or member of the bar staff will be able to help.

Other than that – we’ll see you soon. Come on, West!