Manager’s Summary | Nathan gives us his thoughts on West Women’s first game back – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Manager’s Summary | Nathan gives us his thoughts on West Women’s first game back

Firstly, I just want to say how much of a pleasure it is to be back playing football. We know we could have come back sooner like a lot of teams have, but we wanted the extra time to prepare as we had a longer break than others – and that just makes the return even sweeter.

Putting the result and the 2nd half performance to the side for a second, this was a great day for the women’s section at West and I couldn’t be prouder, and I’m certain it will be the first of many. It was amazing to see so many of our young Wildcats lead our team out and enjoy a kick about on Brookburn Road pre match, these are young girls that we have to try inspire and be good role models for and I hope we were able to do that collectively.

Secondly, what an atmosphere we had in the 2nd half. When we planned this friendly, we were hopeful the tremendous supporters would get an opportunity to come in to the ground and be a part of it – and we are extremely thankful as always that they’ve come out in numbers and backed us right to the finish. You’ve been missed and we hope to see you again soon!

Finally, I couldn’t be any prouder of this group of players – new and old they have grafted for each other and that’s all we asked of them before the game. There was a lot of nervous energy pre match and the first 45 minutes showed that, which we fully expected. The comeback was greater than the setback though, and all the credit has to go to the girls for figuring out the problems Bradford created, and for applying what we discussed at half time so well. A fantastic return!