Junior Roundup | 23rd and 24th February – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Junior Roundup | 23rd and 24th February

Our weekly round-up from the ever excellent Nick Syrett – this time, a truncated schedule does little to stop our hardly report compiler.

Getting a team out over half term is harder than finding a Brexit solution it seems.

Whilst the U13 Magpies flew south for their winter break, rumours emerged that the fledgling teenagers went a bit rogue in the training camp fuelled by the local,exotic fruit juice.  We look forward to the recreation of their “The Dentist chair” should someone score this weekend. Reports that Whacky Aki was last seen going native in a loin cloth on the far side of the island are as yet unconfirmed.  It is still uncertain if he showed up for work on Monday.

Only the U9 Owls managed a “competitive” fixture last weekend, and perhaps wish they hadn’t as they were battered 1-8 at home by Unicorn Hawks. 0-6 at half time, the Owls came out of hibernation in the spring sunshine and improved greatly in the second half. Jude Pinson scored x1. POM Suhaib Saigh for excellent CB.