Junior Round-up | Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Junior Round-up | Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December

Collated by Nick Syrett

Finally the rain stopped and the saturated ground had a chance to dry up… Send forth Jack Frost and his freezing, meddling ways.  With Hardly Farm out of action following last week’s mud bath, coaches were meticulously watching thermometers and trying to predict those of see  KO. Only the later games survived on Saturday and Sunday as the frozen pitches claimed more scalps than Tim has had international flights this week. 

The bird life of West must have been tempted to fly south for the winter, but hovering above the freezing conditions clearly paid off as only the Owls and Kestrels were able to play on Saturday.

WD&C U10 Owls v Alty Centurions. 

An entertaining draw was played out on a cold Saturday morning..

Scorers: Seth (1st appearance), Liam, Oliver and Ged 

POTM Lorin for sheer effort..he was all over the field.

Frost almost stopped play on Sunday morning for the U9 Kestrels but they went on after the sun had softened the ground during warm up. It was a close game right up to the final period, but the oppo found that extra energy and pinched the victory. 

Goals- 6-LH & 9-JP (3) 


Presumably the U15 and U17’s haven’t thawed out yet, as no results or feats of daring do have been received from them as yet. 

Better news was received from local Bogz snorkelling fans, as a boisterous crowd of 3 witnessed the epic defeat of Lancashire cup favourites Darwen 9/8-  3 ends to 4. A hardy battle cry was bellowed out from player coach and star man Bozz, as he broke the icy crust and leapt into the murky snorkle lane. His bravery in shunning the recommended winter attire was regaled enthusiastically by the faithful 3. Their eyes however, may take some time to recover. The Mighty Duckz go into the 3rd round with an impressive record for novices.