Introducing: the West Didsbury & Chorlton podcast – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

Introducing: the West Didsbury & Chorlton podcast

As a football club, we’re always looking at new ways to try and better serve our support, and new mediums that allow us to better communicate with fans are at the forefront of that. The last few seasons have seen us expand what we do on Facebook, as well as opening open an Instagram account – which has quick become one of the main ways through which fans interact with the club. Our YouTube channel was also popular – which is why we’re bringing it back this season – and, as you may have noticed, we’ve been experimenting with something new over the past few weeks. Throughout the course of the next few months, we’ll be releasing exclusive content through our brand new Podcast feed. The content currently includes chats with manager Brad Cooke, interviews with players Kris Holt and Ash Woods, and a discussion with co-Chair Rob McKay, though we’ll be looking to expand this with match reports after games, chats with volunteers and supporters, and anything else we can think of that might be interesting as the season continues.

You can find our Podcast feed on pretty much any podcatcher app by searching for West Didsbury and Chorlton. Alternatively, you can subscribe now through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Stitcher, RadioPublic, or via RSS feedsee the full list on the Anchor.FM website here.

Alternatively, you can stream each of the episodes below. If you’ve any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear them: drop us a line on social media.