DONATE | Perimeter Fencing at Brookburn Road – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

DONATE | Perimeter Fencing at Brookburn Road

You may have noticed over the past few months that there has been some steady work happening at Brookburn Road. One of the major improvements over the past 12 months has been the creation of perimeter fencing around our pitch, when previously there had been none. This has been the work of Brian Norbury, who has selflessly given his time to make sure that West have a ground befitting of the level of support that the team now commands. As well as the practical from a playing point of view – the fencing means that balls going out for a throw-in no longer trickle to a grass bank, speeding up the pace of play – it also improves the supporter experience, offering a shelf for drinks and other refreshments.

Brian is now at the point where he needs funds in order to take on the largest section of his work – fencing along the far side. Brian is asking for donations purely towards the cost of the timber, while all workmanship will be undertaken by himself. Brian explains:

I’m looking to raise funds to help finish the perimeter fencing at the West Didsbury & Chorlton Athletic Football Club. I work as a volunteer at the club, as do a lot of other people, and I am looking to raise the money needed for the fencing materials which costs £1 per metre.

I am a retired carpenter and have already completed the fencing to almost three sides of the pitch. We have enough money to complete the beer shed end and also down to the away dugout and would like to raise the money to complete the fencing along the road side of the pitch.

You can make a donation below – we thank you for your ongoing support.