An outgoing messaging from Rob McKay – West Didsbury & Chorlton AFC

An outgoing messaging from Rob McKay

Outgoing committee member and club stalwart Rob McKay has passed on this message following his resignation last week. All at the club would once again like to thank him for his efforts over the past 8 years, and for his dedication to the club – without Rob, and people like him, clubs such as our would simply cease to exist.

You can find Rob on Twitter at @RobMcKay86 if you would like to send him a message.

As you may have seen after 8 years (or 2,715 days if the NWCFL media team is reading) I have decided that now is the time for me to step away from West Didsbury & Chorlton.

It is difficult to put into words why but the time feels right to start a new chapter in my life. When I joined in 2012, the club was a blank canvas with a three-sided ground and a vision being driven by the inspiration of Rob Turley. When Rob sadly passed away in 2015, I made it my duty to see the journey through and I can only hope that what the club has grown into today would have fulfilled his ambition and legacy. I’m sure my departure will clear the way for the current leadership to refine and implement their own vision for the club moving forwards.

Each time I’ve reached a new milestone I’ve asked myself; what next? I’m the kind of person whose always been motivated by the next new opportunity to try and take the football club to the next level. However, football is all consuming, there’s often little time to appreciate progress and when that motivation begins to wane it becomes no longer an enjoyable experience.

I have grown as a person because of West and I have made friends for life because of West; this for me is the true ethos of a community football club. Meeting you all is a bigger accolade than anything else we might have achieved on or off the pitch. However, my desire to push the club forwards at all cost has come with some heavy personal sacrifices and the last 18 months have been a journey of reflection and self-discovery to identify a re-address a healthy balance in my life. I am someone who has too often put this football club ahead of more important life goals and feel a clean break from West will allow me to find fulfilment.

So what next? Away from football I’ve both a full and part-time job and a house I’ve barely lived in for two years.  I’m committed to taking a (non-enforced) pause from football administration.  Yes, there are still things I want to achieve but I feel this can only be achieved away from West. Ultimately, despite its present absence I need to rediscover my motivation, enthusiasm and enjoyment for football.

Before I go, there are dozens of people I should be thanking; but in the interests of brevity, I’d like to thank three people who’ve supported me so much over the years and definitely never received the credit they richly deserved.

Firstly, I’d like to thank our former Chairman Glyn Meacher for giving me the initiative and freedom to try and deliver Rob Turley’s vision.  The dignity and class he displayed as our club chairman is something I always tried to emulate in my brief time as chairman. I haven’t always been fully appreciative of his guidance and support but in my opinion, his name should be up next to Rob Turley’s for contributions to the club.

John Churchman. When Rob Turley asked me to get involved in 2012 by writing a page for the programme which led to the writing of the programme, to maintenance of the website, to the keeping of the statistics and the building of our social media it was John who was there to offer his support from day one.

Although he was probably just delighted to have someone and take the massive task off his hands he was instantly welcoming of me to the club and we would regular check-in to offer guidance, support and exchange ideas.  John has been an unsung hero at the club for many years but has always been a massively influential person for me. I just hope we can one day shift those umbrellas!

Finally, I’d like to pass on my biggest thanks to Paul Caddick whom has provided me with one of the best experiences of my life over the last three years. Together we have grown participation for women playing at West (from ni) to include over 60 players across three teams.  I’d consider this my greatest achievement in the club and I wish Nathan Soulby the very best of luck in taking the team forward in the future.

‘Caddy’ not only gave me the opportunity to grow and develop as a coach, he also gave me the chance to emulate my dad in coaching an ‘invincibles’ West team to a league title. Without his support and guidance, of which I’m sure I’ll only truly only begin to appreciate now it’s gone, I would not be the Head Coach of Women’s Football at the University of Manchester. He and the entire Caddick family have been incredibly supportive of me over the last three years.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the future.

Stay Safe.

Rob McKay