Wildcats 01/11/2020

Wildcats 01/11/2020

Wildcats 01/11/2020

1 Nov 2020

We had even more new faces this week along with some returning players, which is just fantastic!

The session kicked off with us revisiting our animal inspired movements and teaching our new girls what each of them are.

We played a game of sharks and minnows, to get the girls thinking about how their movements can get them past evasive players.

The girls were challenged to a game of “get rid” where they worked in small teams of 4/5 and had to get footballs to another teams box, but the other teams were filling theirs! The team with the fewest balls in their box at the end won. This is to encourage and practice dribbling skills.

Incorporating all that we have learned so far, we played a game of “coach says” with our footballs and we also used a goal for the girls to practice their shooting skills.

Finally, the girls were challenged to keep possession of their ball whilst a shark was circling to intercept it.

All of this is great practice for the girls, it’s engaging, fun and repetitive without becoming boring for them. They all get a say in what we do during a session and we keep a note of our favourite games ready to rotate into another session.