MANAGER'S NOTES | vs Winsford, Saturday 24 November

MANAGER'S NOTES | vs Winsford, Saturday 24 November

MANAGER'S NOTES | vs Winsford, Saturday 24 November

MANAGER'S NOTES | vs Winsford, Saturday 24 November

Taken from today's programme notes, available on the gate for £2

Good afternoon all and welcome to Brookburn Road for what has developed into the biggest game in quite some time for our club. Today’s guests Winsford, like ourselves, have struggled at the start of this season and today’s game is unquestionably a 6 pointer! We hope everyone connected with Winsford enjoys our hospitality with the exception being on the pitch!!

Usually this paragraph would afford me the opportunity to review the previous game highlighting some positives to take away…unfortunately, as anyone that witnessed the performance on Tuesday would testify, there aren’t any to write about.

I have spent considerable time trying to remain positive and learn from our collective mistakes however, to be blunt, I’ve run out of patience. The truth of the matter is that we have not been good enough. There were some difficult words said at halftime on Tuesday, the first 15 minutes were an embarrassment as we let Ashton dominate us in every aspect of the game.

I accept full responsibility for Tuesday and our below par start to the season, this is my squad of players and I set us up each Saturday/Tuesday with a plan that on too many occasions this season clearly hasn’t worked. Both myself and our team are extremely lucky to have the backing of our fans and our committee. To have 409 fans at the Litherland game is exceptional and our supporters are the envy of not just our own league, but teams in 2 and 3 leagues higher.

What I can do with absolute certainty is assure everyone that the team that we pick for today’s game will be working as hard as humanly possible to get a result for everyone involved with West Didsbury and Chorlton AFC. For our fans, our committee, and for us we will be fighting for every ball; every header, block, pass, tackle, and shot for every second of the game. We owe that much to the Monicas, Rob Maddens, Dave Coopers, Rob McKays, Matt Brittons, Glyn Meachers, John Churchmans, John Calderbanks and Barca Jims of the world. The people that give up countless hours to support us; you can guarantee that every moment of the game matters to them!!

Welcome returnees for today’s game will be our international duo Jamie and Jack. We cannot wait to get them in the team today!

Please continue to get behind the boys!

Thanks for the support and enjoy the game!

- Setts