Junior Roundup | 4th & 7th May

Junior Roundup | 4th & 7th May

Junior Roundup | 4th & 7th May

5 Oct 2019

Junior Roundup | 4th & 7th May

Compiled by the ever excellent Nick Syrett


May the 4th (Be with you).

Whether the re-stocking of loo roll in the portacabin changing rooms was significant at this stage of the season will never be known, but with squeaky bum time for many, a hearty supply of Chorlton’s recycled toilet paper was in high demand.  It may also serve those kids with one eye on their parents travel brochures having a relaxing read before the match. Either way, thanks for the re-stock!

Forget the champions league exploits, The Eagles soared high above a Timperley hurricane that was downgraded to a mild breeze, and reached their Europa league group final on the 17th May.

U9 Eagles
Europa League (h)
Timperley Hurricanes
Won 6-1
Scorers: Nico (2), Fionn, mikki (3)
PoM: mikki
Excellent performance. Came 2nd in group and qualified for final.
Final - Friday 17th May 6pm

In a match that sounded like it should be hosted at Hogwarts, the U9 Owls lost out 7:10 to the Wizards of Alderley. Pom Harris Mahmood. Scorers 3 x Jude, 2 Kaiden, 1 x Oliver and 1 Blake. Great game. The coaching team were very proud of their feathered flock.

The Under 11s lost 1-3 in their semi vs North Trafford in a tense,  competitive game. “The boys gave it everything. So proud of them. “

Scorer Frankie Surnam Lea.  POTM the 2 Jacobs William and Holt.

Tuesday 7th

U13 Badgers
Europa League
Wilmslow Lions (h)
Lost 2-5
Scorers: Austin, Isaak(pen)
PoM: Isaak Hynes.
“Missed our keeper today in an uncharacteristic first half that was woeful- going in at 0-3. We missed a penalty and hit the bar from 2 yards out which didn’t help.
Strong words at half time were said, and had an immediate impact as we pulled back to 2-3. We went for equaliser but conceded 2 late on.”

Meanwhile, the U13 Magpies (still without a shirt sponsor for next year), were challenged to a friendly vs the U 12’s at an overgrown Chorlton Park.  Still smarting from a loss 3 years back, some of the Magpie ranks had “revenge” scratched into their minds. It was also a great opportunity to try out some new trialists for the Magpies, and a chance for the U12’s to work out some strategies to help the their transition from 9 to 11 a side.

The Magpies were 3 up at half time and won out 4-2 winners in a light hearted, but quietly competitive match that was useful to all. Plenty of skill and determination was shown from an  U12 side that will learn plenty from the experience I’m sure.

The Magpies have been playing a long game with a local kid for a couple of seasons and finally look like they have their “man”.  A lad with a name that sounds like he should be Brazilian, unveiled some suitably silky, South American skills and scored a standout goal that suggests next season could be good value for season ticket holders…