Junior RoundUp | Saturday 11th January

Junior RoundUp | Saturday 11th January

Junior RoundUp | Saturday 11th January

11 Jan 2023

Junior Round-Up | Saturday 11th January

With the Central American lurgy consigning our curator to his travelling caravan of Love for a 2nd week, Hardly farm was again out of action this weekend. Little could prepare the Sunday crew for the rain that fell Saturday night over Chorlton.  Live footage at Chorlton park, featured squirrels, pigeons and hoodie wearing youths entering an Ark two by two to escape the vast , merging puddles.  

All Sunday games were waterlogged! Only the  U9 and 10’s survived this week…

U9s Flixton Vipers v WD&C U9 Harriers

The Harriers have moved up in their league grouping to play against better and more aggressively named opposition. The Vipers struck straight from the whistle and after that the score kept ticking over for them. There were glimmers of hope from the under strength Harriers with excellent wing play from Olly Settle and Tyler. George played his way into the game in defence and the opposition then lent a player to even things up. That seemed to galvanise the team as Ruben Theo and Tyler all got goals in the last period. A tough introduction to the new year - next week the Harriers have to try and avoid a mauling by the Sabres!

WD&C U9 Hawks v  Lymm Rovers Junior Fire -League Cup

Goals:Bertie E , Lucien, Sam

After a long winter break Hawks returned to action with a thrilling comeback in the Chorlton Park mud. 

Under leaden skies and with a blustery wind, Lymm were literally on fire in the early stages but Luca B kept them out with a string of superb saves. Despite some great defensive work from Angus, the visitors took the lead but Bertie E’s cheeky chip levelled the scores. 

Fire took the lead again but Hawks dominated the 2nd period as they shook off the effects of excessive Christmas chocolate. An epic battle developed between Ollie and the visiting keeper who saved everything Hawks threw at her. Finally Lucien levelled the scores only for Fire to grab a breakaway goal just before the break. 

Joe kept Hawks in it with some fine saves before a Slippery Sam special made it 3-3.  Sam then suffered a nasty ankle injury but did get to relax in a comfy chair to watch the rest of the game. Bertie E put Hawks ahead with a neat finish. Ben, Bertie C and Noah worked hard with some great passing and tackling and Lucien completed a hat trick. Unfortunately one was into his own net. 

Hawks had chances to put the Fire out as Mars Bar man of the match Rudy’s all round play was too hot to handle but the strong wind kept the embers alight. A late long throw caused problems but Hawks cleared their lines as the final whistle blew. With Dougal missing, it was left to equally fluffy Milo to scamper across the pitch to greet the celebrating Hawks. Or was he just after a flapjack?

U10 Owls v Sale Predators

The first Owls game of the decade, played at Chorlton Park, saw three distinctly different thirds.  

A jaded start saw Predators score twice in close succession. 

A more even 2nd third, with good passing and linked play, yet Predators scored a third goal.

In the final third Preds scored their 4th, but undeterred, Owls hung in tight and Oscar scored by being well positioned in front of an open net, and Oliver thumped in a second goal. This respectable come back in the final 10 minutes, was wowing and thrilling their dedicated supporters. 

POTM Liam Hynes for impressive midfield play

U10 Eagles

Denmark League for cup!!

Alderley United wizards 

Scorers: Jake (2)

A lovely 46 mile round trip today!! Battled well throughout and after going behind.  We got back in it only to concede two breakaway goals. 

PoM: Jake