From the programme: a note from Steve Settle

From the programme: a note from Steve Settle

From the programme: a note from Steve Settle

1 Nov 2012

From the programme: a note from Steve Settle

Taken from tonight's programme for the visit of Hanley Town. Available on the gate, £2.

It seems like a long time ago since we were defeated at home by Winsford. As I didn’t get chance to say thank you properly following the game, I’d just like to put in print a few words of thanks for the encouragement and support I have received throughout the past 6 years from all corners of this fantastic community club.

When Andy Nelson first asked me to come and help in November 2012, I could not have envisioned how the club would grow over the next 6 years! I have played for 4/5 really great non league football clubs in my time as a player, non have the ethos, vision, and commitment to our local community like West! On a cold November evening in 2012 Rob Turley laid out his plans for what he wanted the club to become! As exciting as it was, it was clear that a significant amount of work would be involved both on and off the pitch. I was completely sold on the club by the great man in less than half an hour!!

Today we have a junior set up that is quickly becoming the envy of the region, with youngsters from U7s right through to U15s enjoying their footballing association with the club.

We have a burgeoning women’s set up with development team supporting a first team and plans for an U16s team for next year!

The first team are regularly supported by over 400 fans each week and community events regularly attract 1000 members of the community!

I have been extremely humbled by the messages of support from people across the football landscape from players to former adversaries!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the club for giving me the opportunity to start a management career.

All of the committee have worked tirelessly as volunteers to elevate the status of the club and I am personally grateful for the support they have shown me and my family in the past 6 years. My management team and all of the players that have represented the club during my involvement did so to the best of their ability and with maximum effort which has been greatly appreciated. There are too many fantastic memories to list here but it’s safe to say I was extremely proud to be manager of our club and to be actively involved in our growth and development. This is something I am hopeful will continue grow over the coming years!

Finally, I’d really like to wish Dave, Stu, James and all of the players the best of luck for the remainder of the season! I know Stu and James from my time at Leigh and I know they will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to turn the fortunes around!

I sincerely hope they can and I’ll be supporting from the stands!!

Come on West!!