End of season awards 2018/19: Winners

End of season awards 2018/19: Winners

End of season awards 2018/19: Winners

End of season awards 2018/19: Winners

Better late than never, we're pleased to announce the winners of this year's end of season awards. Although the campaign may have ended in disappointment, there was still plenty to be proud about - and our presentation evening was a testament to this. Your 2018/19 winners were, as follows:

Players Player of the year
As voted for by their fellow players
Matt Eckersley

Managers Player of the Year
The management team's selection for player of the season
Matt Eckersley

Fans Player of the year
As selected via public vote 
Ryan Eislet

Junior Fans Player of the year
Voted by our junior team members
Ryan Eislet

Club person of the year
Selected by the committee to note one volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty this season
Paul Settle

We also asked for your suggestions for Supporter contribution of the year - and we were inundated with suggestions. Rather than have one individual winner, we're noting 5 different suggestions for their contributions this season: they'll be presented with something to note their contribution at the beginning of next season.

Tom Hostler
For the lovely lovely flags
For organising the 5s tournament

Tom has been responsible for some of Brookburn Road's greatest flags - the one that takes up the entirety of the shed end and is so large it can only be used for special occasions, for example, or the WDCFC M21 one that flies at most home games. On top of that, he's helped organise both West fan tournaments this season - building the community atmosphere at the club, and raising vital funds too.

Jack Eccleston/The Stonecutters
For the constant supply of quality Simpsons based WDCFC memes

The sleeper hit of the season, in times of sorrow the Stonecutters twitter account has brought light relief and genuine laughs. Their flag can be seen flying at most home games, and their memes can be found before and after them at @ChorltonWest. A hugely popular selection.

Shay, (plus parents, Kerry and Vinny)
The most friendly and warm people I have had the pleasure of meeting in a long time and great West fans as well.
Shay is the best mascot a club can ask for

The most popular vote - Shay can be found towards the clubhouse most games, having a kick about. He's also been West mascot plenty of times - most notably, on Non-League Dog Day, when he dressed up as a dog himself and was featured on Sky Sports News. Along with his parents Vinny and Kerry, they embody exactly what this club should be about - warm, caring, funny, and socially conscious (they are frequent contributors to Barakah's Food Aid, as well as any other campaigns the club run)

Peter Broadhead / Danny Chadwick
First to volunteer and last to complain

It has been said plenty of times before, but this club literally couldn't function without the help of volunteers. Outside of our committee members, the number of volunteers is relatively slim: Pete Broadhead and Danny Chadwick have consistently lent a hand behind the bar over the course of the season - a task that has seen them miss several goals, as well as vital drinking time pitchside at Brookburn Road.

Hollie Coyle and Anneka Kinning
The West flags and helping out on the raffle

Newcomers to West this year, Hollie Coyle and Annenka Kinning quickly made themselves West Ultras, and added to the atmosphere in their own way: by painting two of the flags that fly at the Shed End. Both reading West and decorated with, amongst other things, Unicorns, Fab Lollies, and Dogs, they're amongst the most often complimented. Hollie has always regularly helped with the raffle, helping raise funds for the club that have been crucial as the season has gone on.

John Calderbank
Planted and tends the laurels
Helps to set up on most home games and is there for hours

A stalwart of Brookburn Road, John Calderbank can be found at the ground hours before the game kicks off - emptying bins, and tidying up before all the madness of matchday begins. He's also played a huge role in making our home look more beautiful, taking the time and effort to add more greenery around the clubhouse. Truly unique in his efforts and energies, the club is blessed to have someone like John involved - and everyone at the club would like to thank him.

We'd like to thank all West supporters for their contribution this campaign - it has been testing, but you've been there at every turn: we would be nothing without you.