Corinthians: We Were The Champions

Corinthians: We Were The Champions

Corinthians: We Were The Champions

12 Feb 2024

We are extremely proud to finally announce a project that we have been part of over recent months:

The Corinthians: We Were The Champions” is a documentary telling the incredible true story of Corinthians, the ladies football team from Didsbury who defied the FA’s 50 year ban on Women’s football
by going on a global winning spree. They were one of the most successful women’s teams ever – defying the system to become the first female club from the UK to tour internationally, unofficially representing England against Germany as far back as 1957. Winning 50 trophies over 20 years.

We were honoured to be asked to have West as a setting for the documentary with members of the Corinthians telling their story with our club in the background.

The Corinthians were formed at the very height of the ban in 1949. For the first time on film, surviving players reveal their full story of courageous determination, gladiatorial glory, and success despite all the odds. The sporting establishment wanted them written out of history. This documentary film will make sure they get the glory they deserve.

The filming company Films Not Words told us, “We have had the privilege of getting to know these amazing players over the past year, who have so generously shared their stories with us. In fact, we are so determined their story should be told - that we set up the company to make the film happen. Our experienced crew have dedicated months to getting it off the ground, filming hours of amazing interviews. Now we need backers to complete the film. Inspired by the can-do Corinthians spirit, we are making this documentary ourselves as an independent film, working alongside former players who are having input at every step of the way.”

In this first round of crowdfunding, we need your help to raise £65,000.

You can find out about how to support this documentary by following the link below: