A message for our bonfire attendees.

A message for our bonfire attendees.

A message for our bonfire attendees.

11 Mar 2021

A message for our bonfire attendees.

We are excited to welcome you on Sunday to the return our annual Community Bonfire and Firework Display, a highlight of our calendar and something all at the club looks forward to.

It is important to note that the event is completely sold out and there will be absolutely no tickets available on the door: due to our insurance we will legally be unable to allow more people on the premises. This will be enforced regardless of mitigating factors (such as already having family/friends inside etc) as breaking this limit will invalidate our cover for the event.

Printing out of tickets is not strictly needed: your ticket QR code should be scannable from a phone screen. If attending as part of a Family ticket, all members will need to be in admitted at the same time – once any QR code is scanned, it is instantly voided. This also means that we are unable to allow readmittance if you leave the premises. It may also be advisable to allow some time for gaining entry: past years have seen a rush around the time of the firework display, and though we’ll try to process everyone as quickly as possible, there is the potential for queueing at peak times. Our event, and indeed the entire club, is manned by volunteers – we’d like to thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

If you have a ticket are unable to attend, refunds will be available until Saturday evening – after this, we will be unable to process refunds for any reason.

There is no parking available at the ground for the event, and the roads around our ground are privately owned which means there will be no parking on those surrounding roads. We advise taking public transport if at all possible – or making appropriate plans to mitigate the above if that is not a realistic option. For more on getting to the ground, please check the club’s website.

While we do accept card payments, this will only be an option at certain locations so bringing cash is advisable.

Gates for the event will open at 5.30pm, and will be followed by the bonfire being lit and then the firework display. Our fireworks display has been co-ordinated by the club, and will be proudly presented by our sponsors Chorlton Fireworks.

Finally, we advise that appropriate footwear is worn – with the volume of people attending, we anticipate that there will be some churn in grassy areas, and there could potentially be puddles in certain areas. Wrapping up warm would also be advised.

In the event of extreme weather and the event being rescheduled, tickets will be valid for the re-arranged date.

We will have food available for sale provided by:

• Il Forno - Wood fired pizzas

• El's Kitchen - Filled baguettes, loaded fries, mac n cheese

• The Spice Yard - Veggie Currys Etc

• Nuala Speciality Coffees & Cakes

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.