South Manchester Derby: Middle eastern street food comes to Brookburn Road with The Ottö-Men

With the South Manchester Derby fast approaching, we’re pleased to be able to announce a new signing that will be joining us at Brookburn Road especially for the game. The Ottö-Men make contemporary Ottoman and Mediterranean cuisine created with passion, and we’re overjoyed to be welcoming them to do our matchday catering at Monday’s derby.

While everyone at West is desperate to try one of their famous wraps, we’ll leave it to Manchester Confidential to describe our visitors:

Passionate bunch of people those Ottomans – maybe that’s why they’ve got a type of bed named after them. This lot however are passionate about contemporary Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, such as plaki gigantes with foul medames (much better than they sound), sigara borek and falafel/hummus/olives/tzatziki, naturally.

In between running a catering company, deli and studying, James and Nick find the time to pop-up at local events such as Levy Market, Grub and Makers Market, as well as sporadic takeovers of local kitchens such as a recent pop-up in Proof, Chorlton.

Need to know what you’ll be munching this Easter Monday? Here’s your menu of middle eastern khoubz wraps. Generously packed!!

£5:00 for vegan ( falafel, hummus and dressings and fattoush salad)
£5:00vegetarian as above with crispy fried halloumi and falafel etc
£6:00 za’atar chicken, hummus, dressings and fattoush salad
All dressed Otto style and wrapped in khoubz breads

Children’s options and small plates:

£2:50 Chicken gougons and sweet potato fries
£2:50 Hummus and sweet potato plate

You can follow The Ottö-Men on Twitter here: or visit their website here:

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