Firework display: Food options, volunteers needed, other vital info

As previously announced, we will be hosting the traditional Chorlton firework display this evening at Brookburn Road. As previously announced, the event will be free entry, with gates opening at 5.30pm, and the firework display taking place at around 7pmWe would advise anyone looking to come to the event turn up early, as we have a limited capacity of 1,000. We also advise that there will be no parking on Brookburn Road, or at the ground itself, so if public tranport is an option for you – please use that instead.

Once again, our food options will be provided by Lavish catering, who will be serving up the following:

Chilli beef nachos £5
Veggie chilli nachos £5
Leek and potatoes soup £2
Bratwurst £4.50
Chilli bratwurst £4.50

We also require a small number of volunteer to help out in order to make sure that the event runs to plan – if you are interested and available, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you. Alternatively, if you could turn up to the clubhouse before 5.15pm, we would be much appreciative. See you this evening!

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